President Obama Schedules Appearance with Terry McAuliffe

President Obama has agreed to appear in Northern Virginia with Democratic gubernatorial nominee, Terry McAuliffe, on Sunday night, just two days before the highly anticipated election. By having the president address the people so close to Election Day, it could inspire the Democrats and ultimately create a better turn out.

On the other hand, it could also invigorate Republican Ken Cuccinelli’s supporters and motivate more of the Independents to vote against McAuliffe. Bringing Obama out is definitely a risky decision that could hurt McAuliffe just as much as he’s hoping it helps him.

The Obamacare website has brought along so much drama in the past few weeks and has affected millions of people who are now having their insurance plans cancelled. With all of these false promises presented by Obama, it might not be necessarily smart for McAuliffe to be making such a public appearance with him.

An article on Breitbart said that, “Obama is posting some of the worst approval ratings of his Presidency.” Now people might get out and vote strictly on their opinions of them teaming up together and it could change the outcome. McAuliffe has been up in every poll for almost the past two months and if people change their votes, his rating could rapidly drop and he might not end up on top like he’s anticipating.

Cuccinelli is now in the position where he can rack up the votes of the people who have been affected by losing their insurance and have negative feelings towards Obama. McAuliffe has been strongly fighting for Medicaid expansion and has used Obamacare as the stepping-stone. With all of the problems surrounding the law now, people might not be too supportive of the idea.

With only four days until the election, it seems like things are just continuing to heat up. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens after the weekend.

Ken Cuccinelli Partners with Fellow Republican Paul Ryan

Virginia’s Republican gubernatorial nominee, Ken Cuccinelli, has been falling behind his opponent, Terry McAuliffe (D), in the polls and has been struggling to make last minute attempts to jump ahead of him with less than two weeks left in the race.

On Tuesday, Cuccinelli teamed up with Wisconsin representative, Paul Ryan (R), to continue bashing the Affordable Care Act. They called out McAuliffe on his plans for Medicaid and, in an article published by The Washington Post, Ryan was quoted as saying, “This is like budget pixie dust claiming that this money is all of a sudden going to come raining in from Washington and pay for all the things you want to do in state government,” Ryan told reporters. “It’s just not so. It’s misleading.”

Both Cuccinelli and Ryan have also publicly asked President Obama to fire Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sibelious, for causing all of the problems with the law’s online enrollment system.

Ken Cuccinelli is taking these final two weeks as the time to really show the difference between him and Terry McAuliffe on these important issues. He stated, “This is a critical issue in our campaign. It’s probably one of the top issues, and that is the difference between Terry McAuliffe — on Obamacare and health care in general — and myself.”

McAuliffe has openly supported and advocated for expanding Medicaid in the state of Virginia because it will lower health care insurance for families who can’t afford it, open up thousands of jobs and save the state of Virginia millions of dollars.

It seems like Cuccinelli is going to focus on this issue for the next two weeks and hope that he can persuade the people of Virginia to elect him as their next governor.

Shutdown-Inspired Ads for Both Candidates

It seems that this federal government shutdown has inspired both Terry McAuliffe (D) and Ken Cuccinelli (R) to devise more television advertisements to attack each other. On Thursday, an ad in favor of McAuliffe aired. This ad linked Cuccinelli to Senator Ted Cruz (R), who has been seen as the main contender advocating for the shutdown.

On the other hand, Cuccinelli and his team made a radio ad that said Terry McAuliffe has threatened to shutdown the government, along with the rest of the Democrats, if Medicaid is not expanded. It is no surprise that this is what he keeps attacking his opponent on, considering he was the first attorney general to file a lawsuit against Obamacare.

McAuliffe does not want to sign any budget plan that doesn’t expand Medicaid, and the Republicans are taking the opportunity to accuse him of wanting to shutdown the government in Virginia.

It seems that these two candidates are going to continue to attack each other until Election Day.

Cuccinelli’s Continuous Fight Against Obamacare

It’s no surprise that Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli is 100-percent opposed to Obamacare. Before running for governor, he has been a huge advocate for shutting down the President’s healthcare plan. With Obamacare going into effect on Tuesday, Cuccinelli gave one final push against it on Friday night.

The gubernatorial race is coming to a close and Cuccinelli and McAuliffe have completely opposite views on healthcare reform. This was Cuccinelli’s chance to make another statement about it and try to regain the lead.

In an article published by The Washington Post, Cuccinelli was quoted as saying, “Just this week, they pushed back the online enrollment for small business, which was set for October 1,” he said. “They keep rolling these things back. The people who are implementing this don’t know the rules. And if they don’t know the rules, they can’t tell us what they are.”

Being anti-Obamacare has gained him more supporters from the Tea Party and also can be seen as a good tactic to reel in the swing votes because many people are also against it. Throughout this election process, Cuccinelli has mostly made his points about being totally against Medicaid, while McAuliffe has come out in support of the program. Medicaid would help over 400,000 Virginia residents and this could mean a lot of votes in his favor.

Finally, Cuccinelli made a comment about the government shutdown – he said he did not agree with it. This may come as a surprise to most. Cuccinelli’s stance disagrees with Republican Senator Ted Cruz who has been pushing for the shutdown. Cruz has been behind Cuccinelli throughout his race and is even headlining a fundraiser for him next week. This is not to say that Cuccinelli is all of a sudden in favor of the Affordable Care Act — he is still opposed — but he has admitted that it’s a little extreme to shut down the whole government.

Gubernatorial Candidates Debate Mental Health-Care


Ken Cuccinelli “proposed giving incentives to nursing schools to graduate more mental-health nurse practitioners in order to address a shortage of mental health-care practitioners,” at a forum for mental-health advocates, reports The Washington Post.

Cuccinelli’s democratic opponent Terry McAuliffe states that expanding Medicaid is another approach to address the mental-health issue.

McAuliffe explains, “All of this takes money. The Medicaid expansion money allows us to do what we need to do to take Virginia to the next level on issues of mental illness.”

Voters agree with certain points of both of the candidates varying positions on the subject.

The article reports that the mother of an 11-year old with bipolar disorder expressed that she “favors the Medicaid expansion that McAuliffe supports but also liked Cuccinelli’s suggestion to deliver some mental health services through schools.”

Gubernatorial Race and Medicaid

The Virginia Bureau of predicts that the Virginia gubernatorial race will have an impact on whether Virginia will accept the Medicaid expansion part of the Affordable Care Act. Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli is firmly opposed to the expansion. As Attorney General, Cuccinelli tried to test the constitutionality of the act before the Supreme Court. Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe, on the other hand ,supports the expansion and is using it as part of his healthcare agenda. A March 2013 poll showed that 45 percent of registered voters support and 43 percent oppose expanding Medicaid. This debate may have an impact on who win the governor’s race and the future of healthcare in Virginia.

McAuliffe Supports a More Efficient Virginia Health Care System

Photo Credit: Fotos GOVBA

Photo Credit: Fotos GOVBA

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe expressed his support to expand Medicaid and improve Virginia’s health care system during a campaign stop on Monday, according to a Manassas Patch article.

Republican candidate for Governor Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli disagrees with McAuliffe’s support for the health care policies due to some of their possible effects on hospitals Medicare funding.

The article states, “The GOP says there’s no way of guaranteeing the federal government would continue to fund 90 percent of the cost, and Virginia could be forced to pick up the rest of the tab. But McAuliffe doesn’t buy it.”

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