E.W. Jackson Supports Farm Freedom Act

Photo Credit: Nannette Turner

Photo Credit: Nannette Turner

Lieutenant governor nominee, E.W. Jackson, announces his support for the Farm Freedom Act.

“The proposal would allow farmers to bypass the governments regulations,” according to WHSV.com.

The government regulates the meat and dairy products that farmers sell to ensure they are prepared properly.

“A farmer should be able to do as he wishes with his own land,” said Jackson.

Planned Parenthood Claims Republican VA Ticket is Anti-women

Photo Credit: S. Mirk

Photo Credit: S. Mirk

President of Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Cecile Richards discusses the Republican ticket for this years Virginia election as being anti-women, reports PilotOnline.com.

The Republican ticket includes Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli for governor, E.W. Jackson for lieutenant governor and Sen. Mark Obenshain for attorney general.

Richards refers to the ticket as “the most extreme ticket statewide that we’ve seen from a major party in recent history.”

Each candidate has put an effort or vowed to commitments that would destroy Planned Parenthood and other women’s health clinics.

“This race is our top priority this year, and the stakes couldn’t be higher, not only for the women in the commonwealth but women across the country,” said Richards.

They plan to continue to support Terry McAuliffe in his efforts to become the next governor in Virginia.

First Step to Decreasing Violence: Having Your Father in Your Life

12959309_329b345b14Think Progress reports E.W. Jackson stated “African Americans’ sexuality is to blame for urban violence.”

If elected as Lt. Governor, he stated his first act to decrease violence would be to stop sexual behavior.

He plans on visiting youth in at risk communities to speak to them about waiting for marriage before engaging in sexual activities, and to “stop treating your bodies as sexual objects.”

So how does Jackson plan to stop teens from engaging in sexual activities?

“We’ve got to begin to rebuild the family because in my view, that’s where the problem really lies. For men to stay in the home and raise the children that they father.”

According to Jackson, violence can be stopped by teens being celibate and in order for that to happen they must have their fathers in their lives.

Stacey Kincaid Moves Forward in Fairfax County Sheriff Race

1002777_402627603176258_1518876449_nThe race is heating up as we get closer to the special election for Fairfax County Sheriff in November. Stacey Kincaid recently defeated Mark Sites to become the Democratic candidate.

Kincaid received 605 votes to Sites’ 351. Kincaid said, “I look forward to moving forward… and working together and kicking butt in November with Terry [McAuliffe, Democratic candidate for governor], Mark [Herring, Democratic candidate for attorney general] and Ralph [Northam, Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor].”

Read more about the new developments in the sheriff’s race at Herdon Patch.

E.W. Jackson Proposes Home School Amendment

Lieutenant Governor candidate, E.W. Jackson, supports a constitutional amendment supporting equal resources for home school students, according to The Washington Post. 

Opponent, Sen. Ralph Northam, said Jackson’s proposal was “another example of E.W. Jackson trying to impose his dangerous agenda on the Commonwealth.”

The Virginia Senate has failed a bill named after New England Patriots quarterback, Tim Tebow, to allow home schooled students to play sports at their local high school for the past two years.

Jackson promises if he is elected lieutenant governor he will have the amendment passed.

Does E.W. Jackson Have Something to Hide?

The Virginian-Pilot reports that E.W. Jackson has failed to account for the details of multiple contributors to his campaign in a state required campaign financial report.

Does E.W. Jackson have something to hide or is the lack of details in his campaign financial report due to carelessness?

The article states, “Jackson’s campaign paid a $100 fine a month ago for tardy filing and improper itemization of campaign donation reports covering April and May.”

With the financial scandal surrounding Governor of Virginia Bob McDonnell, one would think that the republican candidate for lieutenant governor would be more cautious about including details in his report.

See the full article at http://hamptonroads.com/2013/07/ew-jackson-lags-va-campaign-finance-filings

Donald McEachin named Northman’s Campaign Chairman

{B6DA29F7-56F2-4E65-A935-5E08C0189C9B}Candidate for Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam named State Senator Donald McEachin (D-Henrico) as his campaign’s chairman. Augusta Free Press predicts that the lieutenant governor’s race will shape the majority in the next legislative session. The Virginia Senate is currently split evenly. McEachin endorsed Northman early on in the race, and McEachin’s role as campaign chairman illustrates Northman’s dedication to democratic issues like jobs creation, healthcare, and universal Pre-K. Read the full article at Augusta Free Press.

LGBT Democrats Endorse 30 Candidates Running for Delegate

The LGBT Democrats of Virginia announced its support for 30 Virginia House of Delegate candidates on Tuesday, reports the Falls Church News Press. Among the endorsements are candidates Marcus Simon, Kaye Kory and Kathleen Murphy. The organization already endorsed Ralph Northam (candidate for Lieutenant Governor), Mark Herring (candidate for Attorney General) and Terry McAuliffe (candidate for Governor).

Senator Herring Urges Cuccinelli to Accept McAuliffe’s Gift Ban Proposal

Photo Credit: Kate Wellington

Photo Credit: Kate Wellington

Office of Terry McAuliffe


Senator Herring Urges Cuccinelli to Accept McAuliffe’s Gift Ban Proposal

Today, State Senator and candidate for Attorney General Mark Herring called on Ken Cuccinelli to agree to Terry McAuliffe’s gift ban proposal. McAuliffe first announced his plan back in April and said that as Governor, he would immediately apply the gift ban to himself and his family, in order to guarantee accountability of Virginia’s highest officeholder. Over two months have passed since McAuliffe first urged Cuccinelli to support a gift ban on Virginia’s elected officials, to which Cuccinelli has refused to comment. McAuliffe sent a letter to Cuccinelli last week again requesting that he support the proposal.

“Of all people, Ken Cuccinelli, who has repeatedly failed to disclose gifts from Star Scientific, a company that is currently engaged in a lawsuit with the state of Virginia, needs to be held accountable,” stated Senator Herring. “I am joining Terry McAuliffe’s pledge to apply the gift ban to myself, even if the legislature doesn’t act. That will provide guaranteed accountability. Ken Cuccinelli should be willing to hold himself to the same high standard.”

Herring added that accepting this pledge will “restore pragmatism and responsibility” to the Attorney General’s office, something which is much needed given the number of conflict of interest issues Ken Cuccinelli has found himself in over the past few months. Most recently, it was reported on Friday afternoon that Ken Cuccinelli may be subpoenaed to testify about his conflicts of interest and ties to Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams.

For more on this story please visit NBC News 29.