The Race Continues

Contenders for Virginia Senate:

Don Caldwell confirmed that he is thinking about running as an Independent for the Virginia Senate seat in held by Democrat John Edwards

April Moore challenges Mark Obenshain for 26th District seat in the Virginia Senate

Republican candidate Dan Moxley, is being endorsed by former naval aviator and Richmond Tea Party Executive, Larry Nordvig for Virginia Senate seat

Virginia Senator John Edwards seeks 6th term. He is expected to face Republican Nancy Dye in the November election that will decide who represents the 21st District.

Senator Ralph Smith, is retiring and urging voters to consider his long time aide, David Suetterlein to represent them

Contender for Virginia House:

Former Richmond Mayor Leonidas Young, who served nearly two years in a federal prison more than a decade ago, announces his bid for 74th District Virginia House of Delegates seat held by Del. Joseph Morrissey. Young hopes his campaign will be an example to former Gov. Bob McDonnell, who restored Young’s rights in 2012, that a comeback is possible following a conviction.


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