Taxpayer Backlash Creates Major Problems for the Colombia Pike Streetcar and Purple Line

One of the draws for small-business owner Kieran Daly to move his graphic design firm to southern Arlington 3 1/2 years ago was the promise of the Colombia Pike streetcar, and the was of hiring top-quality employees that it would bring, reports The Washington Post.

“It was part of the attraction of coming here, the idea of connecting this space with other spaces with transit rather than cars,” said Daly, owner of Winking Fish. He added that it was vital to “being able to attract younger talent.”

Daly’s opinions do not seem to mirror the majority of taxpayers. This month’s election results threaten to delay the long-planned project. John Vihstadt, who opposes the project was reelected to the County Board, putting pressure on the rest of the members to rethink.

Losing the streetcar would be a huge setback for Daly and other situated along the Pike. They have been depending on this project to attract business and foster growth in their community.


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