Foust Works to Regain Female Voters

On Thursday Democrat John Foust, congressional candidate for Virginia’s 10th District, joined several women leaders to criticize Republican opponent Barbara Comstock for her stances on abortion and equal pay in the workplace, reports The Washington Post.

Foust stood with state Sen. Barbara Favola, former Fairfax County board of supervisors chair Kate Hanley and several other female Democratic leaders at the event in McLean. At the event Foust stated that, “Barbara Comstock’s position on women’s health and rights are completely out of touch with voters here in Northern Virginia.” Favola added,  “She [Comstock] is telling us time and again that government should interfere in a woman’s personal and private health-care decisions,” citing Comstock’s support for a bill that, before it was amended, would have made women seeking an abortion undergo a mandatory transvaginal ultrasound.

Despite the appearance being planned in advance, it gave Foust the opportunity to address Comstock’s claims that he was a “sexist” for a comment he made in August suggesting that she had never had a “real job”.  The leaders said that this was Comstock’s attempt to shy attention away from her voting record on women’s issues. They also restated that the comment was made in reference to Comstock’s lobbying career in Washington.

With less than 20 days before the midterm elections on November 4th, exchanges between the two candidates are continuing to intensify.


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