Former U.S. Sen. Jim Webb Speaks Out in Support of Same-Sex Marriage

Despite the tough stance that former U.S. Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) used to hold on same-sex marriage, The Richmond Times-Dispatch is reporting that he is “comfortable with the evolution” on the issue that is taking place in public and in the courts.

On NBC’s Meet the Press Webb Stated that “I think this has been a good thing for the country”. This declaration is quite different from his opinion during his 2006 campaign where stated that he believed that marriage was between a man and woman. Despite this stance however, Webb did not support the constitutional amendment that would define it as such.

Webb made waves  two weeks ago when he announced he was seriously contemplating a 2016 presidential run.  The former senator did not seek reelection in 2012 and did not talk about his potential run on NBC’s program. He stated that he is trying “to identify the issues that America needs to focus on…to regain trust of the American people” adding that this was his same strategy when running for Senate n 2006.

“I think that people are way ahead of their leaders and they know we have these problems, that we’re at a crossroads. And they’re very disappointed in the fact that top leaders in both parties have not been able to come together for the good of the country,” said Webb.


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