VSU Students and Faculty Feeling Uneasy Over Cuts

The Richmond Times-Dispatch that students and faculty alike are feeling very nervous regarding the steep budget cuts that Virginia State University will need to make.

The university is tasked with having to make up a $19 million funding shortfall, which many fear will only deepen VSU’s current  troubles. At a recent faculty assembly Michelle Corley, vice chair for the faculty senate observed “there was a lot of passion, there was a lot of basically uproar,” adding “The faculty and students are the DNA of Virginia State University.”

The president of the Student Government Association at VSU, Hyisheem Clier called for more communication and transparency about how the changed will be affecting the students’ daily lives. “One day we can go from having an event, to the next day not having an event,” Clier remarked.

Clier along with 20 other students waited through a three-hour closed session of the two-day faculty assembly to appear before the board. The students were there in solidarity with the staff and t collaborate to provide solutions.

Senior Ryan Robinson, one of the 20 students remarked, “Right now it’s all about problem solving. There’s a problem on the table and we want to help solve it.”


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