A Quarter of a Million Virginians Could Face Canceled Health Care Policies

The Richmond Times-Dispatch is reporting that 250,000 Virginia residents will be receiving a notice by the end of November informing them that their health insurance policies will be cancelled. Their plans don’t comply with the Affordable Care Act and state law.

The people who have the policies in question were allowed to renew their plans last year but will not have the same option once they expire this year. Executive Director of the Virginia Association of Health Plans, Doug Gray, told the Times-Dispatch that “the notice will give policyholders the option to buy heath plans with similar coverage that complies with federal and state insurance laws.

This issue has restarted the partisan argument over what he effects of the health care law signed into effect by President Obama in 2010.

Gray said in a statement about the forced switch “I don’t call that cancellation-I call that an adjustment to the new law.”

The cancellation notices have been a tool Republicans are using against Sen. Mark Warner (D) in his re-election campaign, criticizing him for his support of the Affordable Care Act.

Del. Kathy J. Byron, (R-Campbell), who is the chairman of the Virginia Health Insurance Reform Commission has said “This law is causing untold heartache and genuine hardships for thousands of Virginians,” and that “It is becoming increasingly clear that the best option would be to repeal this poorly crafted law and start over.”


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