Supreme Court Asked to Evaluate Obamacare Subsidies

Four Virginians, David King, Douglas Hurt, Brenda Levy, and Rose Luck, filed a lawsuit in opposition of Obamacare subsidies that they feel are being inappropriately granted through Virginia’s federally run exchange. According to Politico, the case was recently struck down by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit.

The individuals are now knocking at the Supreme Court’s door to evaluate the case, having no success locally. The main controversy in this case is whether or not states that chose not to set up their own insurance marketplaces, and instead left the federal government in charge, should be given subsidies under Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

A swift resolution is vital for states that chose not to set up exchanges, employers in those states who are facing extreme compliance costs or penalties and employees facing possible layoffs or reduction of work hours due to this rule. The individuals involved believe that presenting this issue to the Supreme Court is an essential step forward.

For further information, The Washington Post reports on the case as well. 


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