Eric Cantor Resigns From Congress

After officially stepping down as House majority leader, giving a heartfelt address to Congress on Thursday, July 31st, Eric Cantor (R) makes another surprising announcement. The New York Times reports after 14 years of service in Congress, Eric Cantor has decided to resign from Congress early, effective August 18th.

Cantor has asked Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe (D) to hold a special election for his seat in Congress on November 4t.h. This would allow the winner of the election to take Cantor’s seat immediately as opposed to being forced to wait until the next Congress in January to be officially seated. Gov. McAuliffe has yet to officially uphold that request.

Cantor hopes that his resignation will allow his predecessor to participate in the lame-duck session taking place after the November elections. “It is vitally important that the constituents have a clear and strong voice during the consequential lame-duck session of Congress,” he comments in The Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Governor McAuliffe has recently expressed the grief he felt after losing Cantor as majority leader, but has not officially agreed to honor Cantor’s request. Cantor continues to act on behalf of the GOP.



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