McDonnells’ Financial Troubles Highlighted During Hearing

Federal prosecutors investigating the corruption case of former governor Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen have put the spotlight on their financial distress, reports The Washington Post. The prosecuting team asked witnesses whether McDonnell and his wife were experiencing financial issues that might have propelled them to abuse the power of the governor’s office.

Since the prosecutors on the case hold that the McDonnells were in a financial crisis, attorney Daniel I. Small requested that the McDonnells’ accountant, J. Allen Kosowsky, be used as a witness for the defense. Judge James R. Spencer has yet to rule on this request.

The financial stability of the McDonnells has long been a focus of their federal corruption case, and it was the focus once again on Tuesday during the last long-winded hearing before the case goes to court.

Kosowsky holds that the McDonnells had a positive net worth and retirement accounts from his father’s estate that he would have been able to liquidate. Bob and Maureen McDonnell were indicted with 14-count public-corruption charges in January surrounding allegations that they received lavish gifts and money from businessman Jonnie R. Williams. The gifts are said to be in exchange for McDonnell lending the businessman the “prestige of the governor’s office.”


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