Virginia Enforces Uber and Lyft Ban, Drivers Still Operate

Since the taxi-like services Uber and Lyft were issued a cease and desist by the state earlier this month, drivers have been operating under the radar, and Virginia policemen have been writing tickets.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Dustin Sternbeck, spokesman for the Arlington County police, said five citations have been given out to Uber and Lyft drivers, for picking up customers in the commonwealth.  Sternback also stated the cars were primarily stopped for traffic violations.

“Our police are not going to look for a problem, but if they run into it, they will ticket,” Arlington County Board Chairman Jay Fisette said. The County Board isn’t taking a side, he said, but officers “have to enforce law.”

Alexandria police have not written any tickets yet, according spokesperson, Crystal Nosal, but says, “it’s hard to enforce.”

Uber and Lyft refuse to let the law terminate their services. An Uber spokesperson said the company “will pay any unjust citations” and keep on driving.


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