Virginia’s First Lady Visits Danville Farm to Talk Nutrition

Virginia’s First Lady Dorothy McAuliffe promoted her new childhood nutrition and food safety initiative on Wednesday at a White Flint Farm event in Danville, as a part the Get Fit Dan River challenge.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

McAuliffe joined farm owners, Bill and Cherie Guerrant, as they gave children of the Big Brothers Big Sisters, Cardinal Village Children and Cedar Terrace Youth programs a tour of the land and its all-organic produce.

“This is a great farm that’s doing a lot of great things around chemical-free farming,” McAuliffe said. “I think it’s promoting and connecting kids with farm and food education. [It] is just really an important thing, especially here in Virginia.”

As she enjoyed learning the ins and outs of the White Flint Farm, McAuliffe made sure to answer the kids’ questions and even sign a few autographs.

According to the Richmond Times Dispatch, McAuliffe is pushing for families to eat more local grown foods. She says the closer the food is to home, the more nutrients it offers.

“I do think it’s a growing movement in this country and in Virginia and I’m just happy to be here to highlight that,” she said.

Stephanie Ferrugia, of Get Fit Dan River, recognized McAuliffe’s similar nutritional values, and she too supports local grown produce.

“This just fell all in line with the challenge, raising awareness about local food,” Ferrugia said.


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