Gov. McAuliffe Looks for More Women for Board and Commission Positions

Gov. McAuliffe is seeking to appoint more women to serve on various state boards and commissions, reports the Richmond Times-Dispatch. In the next four years, the McAuliffe Administration will appoint almost 4,000 people, with a large portion of appointments being made before July 1st.

McAuliffe is enlisting the help of Katherine Waddell, a former state delegate to help generate interest. “So many women are not even aware of all of the boards and commissions that are available to them. So I am working diligently right now to reach out to so many of the women supported Gov. McAuliffe when he ran for governor,” said Waddell in a recent interview.

Waddell will be serving as a special advisor to Levar Stoney, the Secretary of the Commonwealth, specializing on women’s outreach issues. Waddell has four other women in her company handling appointments for Stoney.

Stoney, 33, also wants to focus recruiting young people and has been trying to generate interest by visits to college campuses. “This office wants to make sure that the boards and commissions reflect the diversity of the commonwealth, so we’re going to use every single tool at our disposal to ensure that happens,” said Stoney.


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