Board of Elections OK’s Expired Photo IDs

On Tuesday, the Board of Elections approved the use of expired photo IDs such as driver’s license or passports under the new photo ID law, reports the Richmond Times-Dispatch. The law, requiring voters to have photo identification, goes into effect July 1st, well before the November congressional elections.

The Board came to this conclusion once they realized that for many voters, the only photo identification they have may be in the form of an expired passport or driver’s license.

Don Palmer, the Board Secretary noted “the purpose of the photo ID law is to confirm the identification of the voter, not other information such as the individual’s driving status or address.”

When initially passed, the law spurred much controversy as many Democrats claimed that it would suppress and disenfranchise some Virginians, particularly the elderly, rural and minority residents.

If voters do not have any form of ID they are able to apply for a free photo identification card through the registrars in any locality. “We just want voters to know its free, easy and fully accessible for all citizens of the commonwealth,” Palmer said.


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