Confederate Flags Spark Controversy

A 20- by 30- foot confederate flag was raised just above the tree line along Interstate 95 near Fredericksburg, Va. last Saturday, much to the chagrin of many Virginians in the area.

The Virginia Flaggers, “a group that celebrates the heritage of the Confederacy,” raised the flag in remembrance of the 250,000 Confederate soldiers who fought in battles near the area, according to Huffington Post. The Flaggers had raised another flag last year, but the racism inherent in the flag prompted 24,000 people to sign an online petition against its public display. Ironically enough, the controversy surrounding the first flag encouraged people to donate even more money to the Flaggers so that they could raise the second flag this year.

The Flaggers have every legal right to fly the Confederate flag since it’s located on private property, but many are offended by it – especially since it is located just 60 miles north of Richmond, Va., which used to be the second largest slave market.

In spite of the flags connotations of racism, white supremacy and slavery, the Flaggers hope to continue erecting flags in Virginia and elsewhere.


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