Former VA Senator James Webb Explains His Political Comeback

James Webb, former Virginia senator, says he is ready to be a part of policy and politics, again, according to The Washington Post.

In an interview with the National Archives on Thursday, Webb said his 2013 retirement was to get “healthy” and to “gain my independence back.”

Now, Webb is preparing to be active in the political world again, saying, “I care a lot about the issues facing our country, and I’m going to be participating, helping people and doing things.”

Though we know Webb will be immersed in politics, will he run for president while he’s out there? That question has been asked in many recent interviews, but Webb has not given any concrete answers.

To clarify, on Thursday, he said he’s “not saying I’m not” running for president, but then added that his response is “kind of…a default answer.”

With a recent arrival back from a yearlong political break, the chances of Webb running for office are slim, but his dubious responses continue to keep Americans guessing.


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