McAuliffe Vetoes Bipartisan Ethics Legislation

1389476103000-AP-McAuliffe-InaugurationGovernor McAuliffe (D) has vetoed bipartisan ethics legislation after Virginia lawmakers rejected a series of amendments, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

The General Assembly unanimously approved the legislation, House Bill 1212, which would bar the governor, his campaign and his political action committee from soliciting or accepting any donation or gift worth more than than $50 from anyone seeking funding from the Governor’s Development Opportunity Fund. Violators would have to pay a $500 fine or up to two times the amount of the contribution or gift.

McAuliffe tried, unsuccessfully, to have these stipulations extended to cover state legislators as well. 

As reported by the Times-Dispatch, the Governor’s Development Opportunity Fund is “a vehicle to provide grants and loans to businesses seeking to move to Virginia or expand their presence here. Awards from the fund, worth about $35 million, are made without competitive bidding, according to the sponsors of the legislation.”



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