Sen. Kaine, D-Va., launches volunteer initiative in Richmond area

Former Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, Sen. Timothy M. Kaine, D-Va., will launch is new “Citizen Day” initiative in the Richmond area this weekend. Kaine’s goal is to highlight causes and organizations that are helping Virginians in need.

“It’s good to be able to connect with this public service motive and do it in a way that can draw attention to the cause,” Kaine said in an interview Tuesday. “By doing this, I can both have fun and, hopefully, shine light on good work Virginians are doing.”

From 2002-2006, when Kaine was lieutenant governor he was involved with various nonprofit organizations, doing volunteer work at shelters for women and children who were domestic violence victims, and at feeding programs and initiatives supporting low-income workers or homeless people.

According to the Richmond Times-Disptach, Kaine plans to volunteer for his initiative at least four times a year. “Some of the best public service any of us ever do is doing volunteer work,” he said.

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