McAuliffe: Climate Change is real and humans have a hand in it


On Tuesday, Virginia’s governor Terry McAuliffe (D) spoke at the three-day environmental symposium at the Virginia Military Institute, and stated, “Climate change is real, humans have a hand in it and the commonwealth’s coastal communities are under a great threat.”

According to the Richmond Times-Disptach, McAuliffe’s remarks were met with a round of applause by local government officials, policymakers and environmentalists. The governor plans to reactivate a climate change commission to advise him on what can be done to protect Virginia.

McAuliffe expanded his remarks by telling the media he does not think the general public is paying attention to the pressing matter. “The climate change commission hasn’t met in four years, and, as you know, we had an attorney general who didn’t believe in climate change,” he said, referring to his Republican opponent in last fall’s gubernatorial campaign, Ken Cuccinelli.

“We need to do everything we can to protect the commonwealth,” McAuliffe said. However he did not expand on what can be done or how much it will cost the state of Virginia.


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