McAuliffe vetoes firearms bill

 Governor Terry McAuliffe used his veto power for the first time Tuesday, rejecting a bill that would have “made it clear all legitimate gun owners could carry a weapon in an unlocked glove box or console of their cars.”

According to The News and Advance, McAuliffe had asked the lawmakers to amend the bill before they adjourned their regular session, and the House of Delegates voted 70-30 to reject the amendment on March 7, one day before their regular session adjourned.

Del. Ben Cline, R-Rockbridge County and sponsor of the vetoed bill, would need 67 votes in the House of Delegates and 27 votes in the Senate to override the veto. McAuliffe’s actions would leave the state law as it currently stands, saying anyone who owns a gun can carry it secured in a container or compartment, such as a console or glove compartment of a vehicle or vessel.

Cline stated that he was “disappointed that Gov. McAuliffe’s first veto is in opposition to a bill defending the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Virginians.”

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