McAuliffe forms ‘Common Good VA’ PAC

In an e-mail released on Monday, Gov. Terry McAuliffe announced the creation of a leadership PAC, Common Good VA, to “support like-minded candidates and issues important to him.” According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, McAuliffe told recipients they “helped bring common sense back to Virginia last year by electing me as your governor.”

“I formed Common Good VA to make sure that the ideas that led us to victory in November don’t get lost in the partisan battles being waged in Washington and to ensure that those of you who have been with me every step of the way continue to have your voices heard across the Commonwealth,” his e-mail reads.

The Roanoke Times reported that the announcement of the PAC’s creation came about two weeks after adjournment of the regularly scheduled General Assembly session, during which lawmakers and the governor are barred from raising money.

McAuliffe has called lawmakers back to Richmond for a special session on March 24, focused on discussing a state budget and debate on Medicaid expansion. Republican leaders in the House of Delegates opposed to Medicaid expansion said the governor’s announcement Monday confirms that he “seems more interested in playing politics than governing.”


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