Increasing Health Care Coverage in Virginia, Medicaid Expansion on Hold

According to the Times Dispatch, Virginia exceeds federal expectations for healthcare enrollment. At 103,000 Virginians enrolled, the state is already 1,500 above federal target mark. An estimated 1 million Virginians are still uninsured, but they have until March 31 to get covered under the Affordable Care Act.

Virginia House Republicans and Democratic lawmakers are currently at odds over Medicaid expansion. The Virginia Senate approved the expansion, but the General Assembly adjourned without approving a budget or expanding Medicaid on Saturday.  Governor McAuliffe called for a special session of the general assembly that will begin on March 24th, 7 days before the Affordable Care Act deadline.

McAuliffe will travel around Virginia for the next two weeks, meeting with health care providers and encouraging support for the Medicaid expansion. The governor hopes the approved budget will accept Medicaid funds to expand publicly financed health insurance for uninsured Virginians.

Here’s how to buy insurance under Obamacare if you live in Virginia.

For more information or to apply for coverage, visit or call 1-800-318-2596. Check out more videos like the one below for quick tips and other useful information.

A Friendly Reminder: Enroll Today!


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