VA. House easily passes repeal of hybrid tax

Virginia’s House of Delegates repealed a $64 annual license tax on hybrid vehicles that was issued through last years transportation package. The House voted 92-7 to back a Senate bill to repeal the tax.

More than 7,700 owners of hybrid cars joined forces to start a petition drive seeking a reversal of the fee by the General Assembly. “If we’re going to tax fuel efficiency, we might as well tax insulation and vegetables,” said Sen. Adam P. Ebbin (D-Alexandria), according to the Washington Post.

If the tax passed, it would make sure all owners of hybrid cars pay their share of the cost of building and maintain roads.

 “We might as well start taxing nonsmokers for not doing their fair share, either,” added Del. Scott A. Surovell (D-Mount Vernon), another key opponent of the tax. “You were taxing people for doing the right thing.”

The legislation will provide a full tax refund for all hybrid taxes previously charged and collected. The bill is now going to Governor McAuliffe for him to sign. Both Delegate Surovell and Sen. Ebbin expect him to sign the repeal.

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