Ken Cuccinelli Supports Obama’s Alliance with Terry McAuliffe

It doesn’t come as much of a shock that gubernatorial nominee Ken Cuccinelli (R) is happy about President Obama teaming up with his opponent Terry McAuliffe with just four days left in the governor’s race.

Politico quotes Ken Cuccinelli from an interview he did with Fox News saying, “We always welcome the president to Virginia and we’re happy to bring the focus to his policies and what [Democratic gubernatorial candidate] Terry McAuliffe plans to do with them in Virginia,” Cuccinelli said Friday on Fox News’s “America’s Newsroom.” “And how bad they are for Virginians, losing jobs and hurting our economy.”

This is the perfect time for Cuccinelli to try and rack up the votes of people who might lose interest in McAuliffe after Sunday night. Obamacare has been a driving force in this election and with all of the problems the website has been causing for millions of people, Cuccinelli might be able to capitalize on the negative effects. By McAuliffe tying himself to Obama, he might lose the supporters who were already on the fence with him to begin with. Nonetheless, Cuccinelli is extremely happy about Obama supporting McAuliffe and is hoping that it benefits him in the end.


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