“19 Kids and Counting” Star Supports Ken Cuccinelli

Jim Bob Duggar, the proud father on the hit reality show 19 Kids and Counting, will be appearing at an event in Richmond on Tuesday at 12:30 to officially back Republican gubernatorial nominee, Ken Cuccinelli and Lt. Governor Republican nominee, E.W. Jackson.

Jim Bob Duggar is extremely conservative and will be traveling to Virginia with most of his family to support the GOP. At one point, he was a state representative in Arkansas and is used to giving political speeches.

In an interview with NBC12 this morning, Jim Bob called out Terry McAuliffe (D) and asked him to drop out of the race. He brought up the scam in Rhode Island that the nominee was just recently involved with and said that is enough for him to quit over.

When it came to a scandal that Cuccinelli was involved with, the Star-Scientific scandal, NBC12’s Decision Virginia Blog quoted Duggar as saying, “Ken Cuccinelli had received a gift, he ended paying that back, that was not illegal,” he said. “What we are talking about is illegal activity where people are going to prison.” He once again shifted the negative energy towards McAuliffe.

Recently, Jim Bob Duggar compared the United States to Nazi Germany and in that same blog McAuliffe spokesman, Josh Schwerin said, “It is completely shocking that Cuccinelli would accept the support of a man who recently compared the United States to Nazi Germany. Cuccinelli needs to immediately ask Mr. Duggar to leave Virginia and keep his offensive ideology and false attacks out of the Commonwealth.”

As the race comes to a close in the next couple weeks, it will be interesting to see what Cuccinelli decides to do with this highly publicized support from the Duggar family.


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