Terry McAuliffe (D) Takes 5-Point Lead Over Cuccinelli

According to a poll done by Hampton University, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe has a five point lead over his opponent Ken Cuccinelli with only one month left to go in the race.

Five points may seem like a lot to some, but the race has been up in the air since the beginning. Anything can happen and Cuccinelli can easily regain the lead. Neither candidate should be getting comfortable. According to that same poll, it seems that McAuliffe could have his larger backing because of the women and African-American votes that he is getting. When it comes to female voters, the statistics show that he has 47 percent.

The poll also shows that Virginians don’t seem to even really like either of the two candidates. Both of them have larger percentages of people who dislike them, as oppose to people who actually like that they are running. According to an article posted by The Washington Post, “Each candidate received overall positive ratings in only one of seven regions in the Commonwealth: for McAuliffe, it was the Southeast — for Cuccinelli, the Southwest.”

This race is only going to get closer and more sporadic with the polls in the next couple weeks leading up to Election Day on November 5th.


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