Ken Cuccinelli Takes Stance Against GOP

Republican gubernatorial nominee Ken Cuccinelli has been quiet about his direct opinion on the federal government shutdown for a while. As of Thursday morning, that all changed.

Cuccinelli took a stance against his GOP and Tea Party members by saying that the shutdown was excessive for dealing with the Affordable Care Act. In an article posted by Slate, he was quoted as saying “Strangling government to do this is not an appropriate course to go. Holding one part of government hostage to another part, I don’t think is a proper way to govern.”

This has come as a shock to most, considering Cuccinelli is an extremely conservative Republican and has ties to some Tea Party Republicans, including Texas Senator Ted Cruz. As far as the race goes, this could end up being a good thing for him to get into the heads of the Democrats or people who are on the fence about their votes.

On the other hand, in that same article, Rep. Gerry Connolly, a Democrat who represents the D.C. suburbs in Virginia’s Fairfax County and environs said, “Now, belatedly, Ken Cuccinelli is saying it. When Cuccinelli realizes it’s a problem, only a few weeks out from one of only two statewide elections this year, that tells you something about the success of the strategy.”

Are most people going to be happy with his stance or just critical because of the timing? We’ll see how it pans out over the next couple of days.


2 thoughts on “Ken Cuccinelli Takes Stance Against GOP

  1. My family and I are life-long Republicans and are outraged by the Tea Party segment and the Gutless wimp the House has for a Speaker. All he has to do is put the spending and debt limits up for a vote and let it fall where it will. He won’t because he knows it will pass and he will lose the backing of the rogue element in the party. We do not care for the Democratic Candidate for Gov. here in Virginia and I know what Cucinelli has said regarding the house impasse. The only way we can signify our displeasure with what is happening in the House is with our votes and they are going Democrat this year. I have spoken to some others in our ‘circle’ of friends and they feel the same way. People may think this is coming from a Democrat in Republican clothing – it’s not!


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