Ken Cuccinelli Donates more than $18,000 in Gifts he Received from Star Scientific Chief Executive

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

Gubernatorial candidate and current Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is donating more than $18,000 in gifts he received from Star Scientific Chief Executive Jonnie R. Williams to a Richmond-based charity. Cuccinelli has been under fire to do so since July after current Governor Bob McDonnell said he would be returning the more than $124,000 he and his family received from Williams.

McDonnell is currently under investigation for the gifts and loans he received from Williams; however, Cuccinelli is not under investigation after being cleared of any wrongdoing by a Richmond prosecutor after reviewing Cuccinelli’s disclosure forms. In an interview Tuesday night with NBC12‘s Ryan Nobles, Cuccinelli responded to a question if federal investigators had ever been in contact with him regarding his connection with Williams. Cuccinelli responded “Yes, I was asked about Jonnie.” He goes on to tell Nobles that nothing ever came to fruition and that this happened “months and months ago.”

In an attempt to distance himself from McDonnell, Cuccinelli has urged Virginia lawmakers to tighten ethics laws and credits his office with starting the investigations into McDonnell.

In a short-video shot in his kitchen, Cuccinelli responds to critics and supporters who, since McDonnell announced he would be returning the loans and gifts in July, have called for him to do the same, calling the donation “the right thing to do.” Cuccinelli goes on to respond to those who questioned why he took so long to make this decision, stating “[t]his is something I would have liked to have done sooner, but like most Virginians, writing a check for more than $18,000 is not a simple matter for my family and me. It’s taken a while to get our funds together.”

Read the full article from The Washington Post here



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