Poll Data Doesn’t Reveal Clear Frontrunner

The Virginia Governor’s race is heating up!

In aggregated poll results from Real Clear Politics, McAuliffe (D.) leads Cuccinelli (R.) by 1.7 points. Arguably, this puts the race neck-and-neck.

However, these polls are almost always skewed: recent polls by Quinnipiac and the Public Policy Polling group puts McAuliffe ahead by six and seven points, respectively. A poll from Roanoke College in July put Cuccinelli in the lead by six points.

There is a Libertarian candidate running this year, Robert Sarvis. Recently, Sarvis drew 9 points of his own in the PPP poll. While not nearly enough to win or be considered a serious contender, this data is enough to take votes away from McAuliffe and Cuccinelli. These numbers also suggest the changing mindsets of Virginian voters.

Who will be the next governor of Virginia? Only time will tell.

McAuliffe Releases Women’s Care Policy

Gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe released his women’s health policy and met with women and students in Virginia Beach Wednesday. The “Healthy Women, Healthy Families” policy includes measures protecting women’s rights to safe health care and women’s preventative care services.

According to the Augusta Free Press, McAuliffe said, “I firmly believe that women should be able to make their own health care decisions without interference from Richmond or Washington. Virginia women deserve to know that their next governor will protect their rights to access health care and preventative care services.”

McAuliffe’s full policy can be found on McAuliffe’s website.

Herring, Northam Endorsed By Realtors

A Realtors PAC has come out in support of Mark Herring and Ralph Northam, the respective attorney general and lieutenant general candidates for the Democratic Party.

The PAC chose Northam over E.W. Jackson because of Northam’s bipartisan approach to solving Virginia’s issues, pro-business standpoints and support of policies strengthening Virginia’s housing market.

Mary Dykstra, President of the Virginia Association of Realtors, commends Northam’s record, stating, “Ralph Northam has a solid understanding of Realtor issues as well as those faced by property owners in Virginia.”

Herring received the endorsement for his long-standing support of a transportation compromise and focus on attracting businesses and jobs to the area.

For more, check out this piece from the Augusta Free-Press.

Cuccinelli Won’t Touch Contraception?

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R.) says he won’t touch contraception if elected governor.

This is in direct contrast with his stint as attorney general, during which he pushed a personhood bill and attacked the state’s women’s health clinics.

Cuccinelli opponent Terry McAuliffe (D.) called out Cuccinelli, saying his opponent is “intentionally making false statements to hide his beliefs and record.”

For more, check out this Washington Post piece.

Crowded Airwaves for Both Gubernatorial Candidates

Both Terry McAuliffe (D.) and Ken Cuccinelli (R.) launched ads recently attacking the other’s ethics.

Maybe the summer heat is getting to our candidates (it IS only August), or they both see a fierce fight ahead. Either way, the gubernatorial race is heating up!

McAuliffe’s spot focuses on the investigation into Cuccinelli’s office for (maybe) giving legal advice to out-of-state natural gas companies about an upcoming class-action lawsuit involving residents in southwest Virginia.

The Republican Governors Association launched an ad targeting McAuliffe’s off-shore businesses, specifically GreenTech. “Terry McAuliffe built his factory in China. Why not in Virginia?” the ad asks.

Seems like both camps will continue to amp up their advertising until the November election. For more, read this Washington Post piece.

Police Group Endorses Herring for Attorney General

Mark Herring

Mark Herring

The Virginia Police Benevolent Association (VAPBA) announced its endorsement of Senator Mark Herring for Attorney General.

VAPBA President Joe Woloszyn said, “Mark is committed to making strong, effective law enforcement a priority in his campaign and we look forward to working with him into the future. A vote for Mark Herring is a vote for the men and women of law enforcement and the citizens we serve.”

Herring’s experience in state and local government gives him understanding of the needs of law enforcement professionals. During his tenure in the state Senate, Herring passed laws to crack down on elder abuse and outlaw synthetic drugs. Herring has also proven himself a friend to police by working with law enforcement to combat sexual and domestic violence.

Herring Warns Against Republican Ticket, Public Safety At Risk

Attorney General candidate Senator Mark Herring (D.) and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence’s Lori Haas warn against Virginia’s Republican ticket on the grounds of protecting public safety.. Herring and Haas discussed gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli’s (R.) and attorney general candidate Mark Obenshain’s extreme records on public safety.

“Throughout his career in the State Senate and as Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli has a long record of putting his extreme agenda and personal interest ahead of what is best for Virginians’ safety,” Herring says.

Both Cuccinelli and Obenshain have voted to allow guns on school grounds and in airports. Both men have also voted against increasing fines against drunk drivers to fund state trauma centers.

Haas says, “We need leaders who will prioritize our safety, support our public safety officials, and address the real issues that will prevent more tragedies from occurring in the future, like the diagnosis, treatment, and awareness of mental health issues.”

Cuccinelli Economic Growth Plan Uses “Magical Thinking”

A recent Washington Post opinion piece calls out Ken Cuccinelli’s (R.) “fuzzy math” in his economic plan.

While current governor Bob McDonnell’s 2009 economic plan was 19 single-spaced pages, Cuccinelli’s is one sentence and four, brief bullet points. The opinion piece makes sure to note that Cuccinelli’s plan fits neatly on about one-half a page.

Not only does Cuccinelli’s plan not look like much, it uses “magical thinking.”

To read more of the Washington Post’s scathing review of Ken Cuccinelli’s “The Cuccinelli Economic Growth & Virginia Jobs Plan,” click here.