Voting Update: How Are Your Congressmen Voting?

Recent Senate Votes

Student Loan Interest Rates (81-18, 1 not voting) – The bill ties federal loan interest rates to the government’s cost of borrowing.

  • Senator Mark Warner voted YES
  • Senator Tim Kaine voted YES

Status: PASSED

Recent House Votes

Defense Appropriations, NSA Phone Record Collection Amendment (205-217, 12 not voting) – The amendment to the fiscal 2014 defense appropriations bill  would restrict collection of telephone records through Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court orders to only data involving people under investigation.

  • Rep. James Moran voted YES

Status: FAILED                                                                                        6262122778_997339a086 (1)

Defense Appropriations, Final Passage (315-109, 9 not voting) – “It would provide $512.5 billion in non-war discretionary funding and $82.3 billion in contingency funds to support operations in Afghanistan and the general war on terrorism. The bill also includes a 1.8 percent pay raise for military personnel. The White House has already threatened to veto the legislation over provisions intended to limit executive branch budgetary and policy options,” according to MegaVote.

  • Rep. James Moran voted YES

Status: PASSED

Coal Ash Regulations, Passage (265-155, 13 note voting) – The bill would allow states to create and implement their own programs for coal combustion residuals. This authority belonged to the Environmental Protection Agency.

  • Rep. James Moran voted NO

Status: PASSED

Upcoming Votes

Transportation &HUD Appropriations S.1243 – The Senate is scheduled to debate a bill that would fund the Transportation and Urban Development departments.

Transportation &HUD Appropriations H.R.2610 – The House is scheduled to consider a bill about funding the Transportation and Urban Development departments.

The information used in this post is from MegaVote.


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