Nonviolent Felons Allowed To Vote In Virginia

How will the possible restoration of voting rights to nonviolent felons affect the outcome of the Virginia elections this year?

The details of the new policy, created by Republican Governor Robert F. McDonnell, that will allow certain felons who have completed their sentences are still being determined.

The article states that advocates “have spent weeks wrestling with details such as how to determine who will qualify, how to find the thousands who could be eligible, and whether felons should be required to pay outstanding fines before they can regain voting rights.”

Although there are some concerns and details to determine, advocates are hopeful to return voting rights to felons who have committed minor crimes at a faster pace.

However, felons who have committed more serious crimes, or who are determined as unfit, must go through the more strict process that is already in place and they must wait five years to regain their voting privileges.

How do you feel about automatically restoring voting rights to nonviolent felons? Read more details about Gov. McDonnell’s policy in this Washington Post Article


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