Delegate Krupicka to Kill Voter ID in Virginia

Photo Credit: Taber Andrew Bain

Photo Credit: Taber Andrew Bain

“Last week, the Supreme Court threw a wrench in the machinery of our Democracy,” said Delegate Rob Krupicka who has become extremely vocal about the SCOTUS decision to strike down section 4 of the Voting Rights Act. In a recently issued statement, Krupicka went after those who supported the decision saying, “Some would have us believe that voter discrimination is a thing of the past. Ancient history from an America that has little to no connection with the country we live in today.”

Krupicka argued this statement saying, “Although the 15th Amendment guaranteed everybody the right to vote in 1870, it wasn’t until the 1965 Voting Rights Act passed that the ideal established by the 15th amendment was truly put into practice.  One of the provisions of that Act was section 5, which required states with a history of voting discrimination to get pre-approval for any changes to their voting system.”

The Virginia Delegate referred to new Virginia voting laws involving Voter ID as “onerous” and a part of “renewed efforts to restrict and distort our votes, to corrupt the voting process and infringe on our right to freely and equally participate in our elections.”

Krupicka hopes to fight this ruling and the new Virginia Voter ID laws by proposing his own legislation. He tells Virginians to expect him to “introduce or support bills to allow for no-fault early voting, bills to eliminate or greatly simplify the voter ID requirement, and bills to give political parties the ability to choose a mail-in ballot for their primary elections.”

For more updates on Delegate Krupicka please read the Virginia Vibe.


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