Attorney General Candidates Argue Over Abortion Bill

Abortion has become an important talking point in the election for Virginia Attorney General.  The position of Attorney General is usually seen as a stepping stone to the Governor’s seat. Democratic candidate Mark Herring claims his Republican counterpart Mark D. Obenshain is too extreme.  To prove his point, Mark Herring references a piece of legislation Obenshain proposed in 2009 that would require women to report miscarriages to the police.  According to a Washington Post article, Herring claimed, “This is the kind of legislation that he wants people to try to not see.”  Obenshain responded by denying his opponents claims. He also criticized Herring for not focusing on the economic issues while trying to use the proposed bill as a distraction.  Obenshain said, “The way it’s being framed is it is an accusation that it is what I wanted, when, in fact, because of the way it was going to work, I demonstrated that it was not what I wanted by striking it.”  For more on this story please read the Washington Post.

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