Rep. Lynwood Lewis is Recognized by The Virginia League of Conservation Voters

The Virginia League of Conservation Voters has recognized Rep. Lynwood Lewis for his conservation votes during the 2013 General Assembly session, reports 

Lewis was very grateful for the honor.

“Representing a unique area like the Shore, where conservation issues are so important, I am please to be recognized by the League,” Lewis said.

Jackson Defends Agenda and Calls Northam ‘Extreme’

Photo Credit: Mark Taylor

Photo Credit: Mark Taylor

E.W. Jackson, who has said that Planned Parenthood has been more devastating to African Americans than the Ku Klux Klan, has been called “extreme” by many. In response to some negative backlash, Jackson defended his agenda to the public and called out opponent Ralph Northam.

Jackson claimed that his Democratic opponent is the “extreme” candidate – not him. Jackson said, “This is not extreme… The liberal Democrat Lt. Governor candidate, Ralph Northam, supports lowering the health and safety standards of abortion clinics, which will put women’s health in danger. That is extreme.”

To learn more, check out this article in The Washington Post.

Candidates React To DOMA

Photo Credit: Idhoward

Photo Credit: Lisa D. Howard

Virginia’s gubernatorial candidates are voicing their reactions to the Supreme Court’s decision on the Defense of Marriage Act.    Ken Cuccinelli is committed to his belief that marriage is between men and women.  Terry McAuliffe issued a statement praising the Supreme Court’s decision, while also showcasing his opponent’s stance. The state of Virginia currently has a ban on gay marriage.  This is an important issue that could motivate voters this coming election.  For more on this story please read the Huffington Post.

Cuccinelli Visits Steel Plant in Roanoke

According to The Roanoke Star, Republican candidate for Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli, toured Precision Steel earlier this week. During his visit to the plant in Roanoke, Cuccinelli discussed the company’s business culture and future needs. Part of Cucinelli’s agenda, if elected, is to change liability policies so that companies can “bring in more students to learn on the job.”

BET Founder Backs McAuliffe

Left to right: Juleanna Glover and Sheila Johnson Photo Credit: The Italian Embassy

Left to right: Juleanna Glover and Sheila Johnson
Photo Credit: The Italian Embassy

Co-founder of the Black Entertainment Television network, Sheila Johnson, recently endorsed Terry McAuliffe for the VA governor’s race. Democratic candidate McAuliffe is endorsed for his ability to “work both sides of the aisle,” a step towards bipartisanship. To learn more about the endorsement, check out this article from the The Washington Post.

Virginia Gubernatorial Battle Officially 3 Horse Race


On Wednesday, June 26, the Virginia State Board of Elections confirmed that Robert Sarvis is officially on the ballot for the November gubernatorial election. Sarvis, who is running as a Libertarian, was recently featured in a Richmond Times-Dispatch article.  According to this article, Robert Sarvis has gathered 17,000 votes, which exceeds the minimum number of votes required by 7,000.

Robert Sarvis has an impressive background.  The Richmond Times-Dispatch explains, “He is, to put it mildly, smart – having earned degrees in math from Harvard and Cambridge, then a law degree from NYU, then a master’s in economics from GMU. He is a native Virginian. As a fellow at GMU’s Mercatus Center, he co-authored, among other things, a paper on America’s historical experience with fiscal stimuli. And he is a technological innovator: He was a winner of Google’s 2008 Android Developer challenge for mobile apps.” Despite the fact that Sarvis is “smart,” his lack of political experience may be a concern for voters.  According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Sarvis disagrees with this claim and believes that “elective experience does not equal managerial ability.”  For more on this story please read the Richmond Times-Dispatch or The Charlottesville Newsplex.

Climate Change Policies Heat Up Gubernatorial Race

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe and Virginia Attorney General and Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli have very different opinions on President Obama’s climate change speech, which was given on Tuesday, June 26. The stance held on using coal as main source of energy supply could have a significant impact on Virginia. Read this Washington Post article and learn more about McAulliffe’s position over the years as well as Cuccinelli’s attack on democrats about the negative effects the energy supply policy could have.

Attorney General Candidates Argue Over Abortion Bill

Abortion has become an important talking point in the election for Virginia Attorney General.  The position of Attorney General is usually seen as a stepping stone to the Governor’s seat. Democratic candidate Mark Herring claims his Republican counterpart Mark D. Obenshain is too extreme.  To prove his point, Mark Herring references a piece of legislation Obenshain proposed in 2009 that would require women to report miscarriages to the police.  According to a Washington Post article, Herring claimed, “This is the kind of legislation that he wants people to try to not see.”  Obenshain responded by denying his opponents claims. He also criticized Herring for not focusing on the economic issues while trying to use the proposed bill as a distraction.  Obenshain said, “The way it’s being framed is it is an accusation that it is what I wanted, when, in fact, because of the way it was going to work, I demonstrated that it was not what I wanted by striking it.”  For more on this story please read the Washington Post.

Supreme Court Strikes Down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)

Guillaume Paumier

Guillaume Paumier

Virginians are reacting to a Supreme Court ruling that struck down the controversial Defense of Marriage Act. A gay married couple can no longer be denied benefits. This ruling has overturned Virginia law, which did not recognize same-sex marriages, including those from out of state. Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli made clear his stance on gay marriage yesterday saying, “Once the natural limits that inhere in the relationship between a man and a woman can no longer sustain the definition of marriage, the conclusion that follows is that any grouping of adults would have an equal claim to marriage.” This statement suggests that gay marriage could soon lead to polygamy.

For more information please read The Washington Post.